Pichu Amigurumi Pattern

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I based this design on off of this image, I hope you like it


sc - single crochet

dec - decrease

(sc, dec) x2 - sc,dec,sc,dec

inc - sc twice in the same stitch

ch - chain sk - skip a stitch

slst - slip stitch


Yarn: Yellow, black

Hook: D-3.125mm

Felt: black, yellow, pink, white

Felt Needle

Embroidery Floss: black

Tapestry Needle:

sewing needle

sewing thread: black

NOTE: when finding the right hook, I always try to find a hook that matches the same circumference as the yarn I'm using.

Head and Body

R1: Ch 6

R2: Sc 4, 3sc in same st, sc 3, 2sc in same st (12)

R3: Inc, sc3, incx3, sc 3 incx2 (18)

R4: Sc, inc, sc4, (inc, sc) x2, inc, sc4, inc, sc, inc (24)

R5 Sc2, inc, sc5, (inc, sc2) x2, inc, sc5, inc sc2, inc (30)

R6: Sc3, inc, sc6, (inc, sc3) x2, inc, sc6, inc sc3, inc (36)

R7: Sc4, inc, sc7, (inc, sc4) x2, inc, sc7, inc, sc4, inc (42)

R8-12: Sc42

R13: Sc4, dec, sc7, (dec, sc4) x2, dec, sc7, dec, sc4, dec (36)

R14: Sc3, dec, sc6, (dec, sc3) x2, dec, sc6, dec sc3, dec (30)

R15: Sc2, dec, sc5, (dec, sc2) x2, dec, sc5, dec, sc2, dec (24)

R16: Sc, dec, sc4, (dec, sc) x2, dec, sc4, dec, sc, dec  (18)

R17: (inc, sc3) x6 (24)

R18: (inc, sc5) x4 (28)

R19: Sc28

R20: (inc, sc6) x4 (32)

R21: Sc32

R22: (inc, sc7) x4 (36)

R23-25: Sc36

R26: (dec, sc4) x6 (30)

R27: (dec, sc3) x6 (24)

R28: (dec, sc2) x6 (18) 

R29: (dec, sc1) x6 (12)

R30: Dec x6

Ears x2

Round 1: Magic Ring (4)

R2: Inc, sc x3 (5)

R3: inc , sc x4 (6)

R4: Inc, sc x5 (7)

R5: sc, Inc, sc x5 (8)

R6: scx2, Inc, sc x5 (9)

R7: sc x3, Inc, sc x5 (10)

R8: (sc x4, inc) x2 (12)

R9: (sc x5, inc) x 2 (14)

R10: (sc6, inc) x2 (16)

R11: (sc7, Inc) x2 (18)

R12: (sc8, inc) x2 (20)

R13: (sc1, inc) x10 (30)

R14: (sc1, dec) x10 (20)

R15: (sc1, dec) x6 sc1 dec (13)  (The last dec will include the first stitch in next Round )

R16: (sc1, dec) x4 (9)

Finish off and leave a long strand to later sew on to body.

Black Felt on Ears

There should be (FOUR) 4 pieces of black felt in the shape of the template shown below.

2 for each ear, front and back.

The template should have about 0.5 cm more felt around the edges compared to the crocheted ear. This allows room for the felt to overlap over to the otherside and join with the felt piece in the back.

Begin using a felt needle fasten it in place

TIP: in the beginning only poke it a few times to at least keep it in place but allow further adjustments if its not completely aligned as you continue.

NOTE: Do not worry if the felt pieces are not staying in place on the edges. Once the front and back felt pieces are secure on the ear, use a sewing needle and black thread and whip stitch (google it! :D) the edges together

Foot x2

ch 3

Round 1: sc in second ch from hook, inc in next st, sc on the other side of the same ch, inc in last ch (6)

R2: (inc, inc, sc) x 2 (10)

R3-9: dc 10

Begin stuffing with polyfill

R10: dec x 5 (5)

R11: sc, Dec1, 

Finish off and leave a long strand to later sew on to body.

Arms x2

Round1: Magic ring (6)

R2: (inc, sc) x3 (9)

R3-4: sc 9

Row 5: sc6, ch turn

Row 6: sk, sc6, ch turn

Row 7: sk, sc6 turn

Row 8: sc6 turn

Row 9: sk, sc3, sk, sc,

Finish off and leave a long strand to later sew on to body.

Tail x2

R1: ch3

R2: sc1, inc

R3: sc, sk, sc

R4: sc1, inc

R5: sc, sk, sc

R6: sc1, inc

R7: sc, sk, sc

R8: ch7

R9: sc8

R10: sc7, inc

R11: sc9

R12: sk. sc7 , inc

R13: sc4, slst

Finish off and leave a long strand to later sew on to body.

Repeat R1-13 to make 2. Next sew the 2 together. This Will allow the tail to be sturdier.


Assemble Limbs

Begin assembling the limbs by first using pins to place each one in the right place. Once you are ready, use a tapestry needle and begin threading each limb to the body and head.

Felt Pieces

Now that all the parts are made, Begin making templates for the felt pieces

  • Eyes (black)

  • Catch Light (the white dot in the eyes)

  • cheeks (pink)

  • front collar (black)

  • back color (black)

Once all felt pieces are cut out begin placing them onto the body. Begin poking each of the pieces with a felt needle to fasten them in place.


take a small piece of embroidery thread with a tapestry needle and thread the mouth in place.

NOTE: I did not use the black yarn because it looked too thick.

Enjoy your creation! I made this around the time of Chinese New Years and conveniently it was year of the Rat!

Hope you like it!

Stay safe everyone.

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