Boba Milk Tea

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csc: center single crochet

incCSC: center single crochet TWICE in the same stitch

slst - slip stitch


Yarn: tan

* Red Heart Super Saver, Medium(4) weight

Hook: D-3.125mm

Yarn Needle

Felt: black

NOTE: when finding the right hook, I always try to find a hook that matches the same circumference as the yarn I'm using.

Cup Base

Row1: magic ring 6 (6)

Row2: incCSC x6 (12)

Row3: [incCSC, csc] x6 (18)

Row4: [incCsc, csc, csc] x6 (24)

Row5: [incCsc, csc, csc, csc] x6 (30)

Row6: [incCsc, csc, csc, csc, csc] x6 (36)

Row7: [incCSC, csc, csc, csc, csc, csc] x 5 (41)

Row8: slst x41 (41)

Fasten off

Cup Walls

After the end of each row finish up by following this.

Row1-2: sc41 in each slst (41)

Row3: [csc2, csc2tog, csc6]x4 (37)

Row4-5: csc37 (37)

Row6: csc3, incCSC, csc33 (38)

Row7-8: csc38 (38)

Row9: csc18, incCSC, csc19 (39)

Row10-11: csc39 (39)

Row12: csc9, incCSC, csc29 (40)

Row13-14: csc40 (40)

Row15: csc29, incCSC, 10 (41)

Row16-17: csc41 (41)

Row18: csc3, incCSC, csc37 (42)

Row19-20: csc42 (42)

Row21: csc10, incCSC, 31 (43)

Row22-23: csc43 (43)

Row24: csc20, incCSC, csc22 (44)

Row25-26: csc44 (44)

Row27: csc41, incsc, csc12 (45)

Row28-29: csc45 (45)

Row30:  csc4, incCSC, csc40 (46)

Row31-32: csc46 (46)

Row33: csc12, incCSC, csc33 (47)

Row34-35: csc48 (48)

Row36: [csc7, incCSC] x6 (54)

Row37: slst54 (54)


cut out multiple pieces of black circles.

Use a felt needle to fasten them in place.

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