Hello! Thank you for visiting! I am a knitting, crochet enthusiast. I picked up knitting and crochet around 2018 and have been 'hooked' since! I code during the day, and craft at night. I use this space as a way to share my love for crafting and to see my journey of crafting all my favorite things.


I first started making knitted hats for fun. the most notable is the Magikarp Hat. Later on, I began crocheting Amigurumi dolls. Many of them are Pokemon characters. I have plans to make some characters from Nintendo or characters from Studio Ghibli


You can browse my Instagram (@knitmakarps) to see what I've been up to. It show cases a lot of my personally designed products.

You can also find me on Etsy if you are interested in supporting my work!


Tag me @knitmakarps or #knitmakarp. Would love to see your work!


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